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Engineers Page

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Glen approached us looking for an agency to help launch his innovative idea, he had explained he was looking for a bespoke web solution and that the UI/UX and user-use of the site needed to be effortless. Which was one of the many reasons he chose to partnership with us! thecodebox

Alongside the front facing job-board we implemented a back-end portal so their team can add, edit and remove job listing and forum posts 📑⚡️

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Job Board Solution

We created a job board solution where his team could list Engineer job vacancies from specific sectors across the UK and Europe. It was very important that the UI/UX was clever and precise so candidates were able to apply or quick drop CV’s that send to Glens team via email.


Ewelina Piliszczuk

Maddy @thecodebox has done an outstanding job of building our new company website and designing of our new logo.

She has provided a true and sleek brand to fulfil all our requirements at Engineers Page. Her knowledge and application to execute a new digital product and creating our interactive job board has been remarkable.

Her understanding of our taste and direction for the professionalism of the website was great, as she provided multiple concepts to ensure the final product was as desired. Overall we are very happy with the end product, and hope to have further collaboration with Maddy in the near future.

Thanks from all the Team at Engineers Page!

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