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Leander Architectural

Leander Architectural

Website Refresh 🖥️⚡️

We completely re-hauled Leander Architectural’s existing website.

Leander are specialist manufactures of cast signage and bespoke architectural projects, based locally to us in Dove Holes, providing product to clients such as National Trust, BBC and Foreign & Commenweath Office.

What was involved with this refresh?

Layout and user experience, SEO and keywords it was important that Leander kept their great ranking on Google and if we do say so we upped it. Alongside this Image optimisation, bespoke icon creation and ensuring all graphics represented Leanders company ethos. Lastly we custom coded a contact form that emailed to different addresses based on subject selection.

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User Experience

Although Leanders existing website had extensive and precise copy and content the layout, brand theme, user experience and user interface was dated and quite hard to navigate and understand from a users perspective 🤥?

We completely refreshed the layout and their extensive navigation bar, making it easy for potential customers to explore Bespoke services, By Product, By Sector and by Architectural Metalworks.

As their production range is so extensive it was vital that we scoped out the users experience carefully and considerately, ensuring that each menu item and sub menu item was easily accessible but in a clear and effective way, enabling the user to absorb vast amounts of product and sector knowledge, transforming them from potential customers into paying customers 🤝

Managing Director

Gareth Roberts

We think it is vital to work with local businesses wherever possible - it's usually a lot more convenient and helps the local economy! Many thanks to thecodebox the website looks great & it was really helpful that you could visit us to understand the business too.

Great work.

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